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Electronic Communication

 How to conduct a videoconference





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Holding conferences between the different departments of a company is crucial to improving communication and productivity. The introduction of videoconferencing in the field of business resolved the problem of high cost associated with travel and time in companies all around the world. Videoconferencing is now an important means of communication between the different organizations of a company.

What is videoconferencing?

Videoconferencing is the process of conducting a real time meeting with various individuals in different areas with the aid of cameras and microphones. This allows them to send images and sounds across long distances.

The 10 key points to videoconferencing:

  1. Install video hardware and software
  2. Install audio hardware and software
  3. Ensure that the camera is positioned so that the visual image transmitted is clear and pertinent to the other party.
  4. Dress accordingly to the background. .
  5. Ensure that audio & video feed is being transmitted.
  6. Speak clearly and audibly.
  7. Minimize gestures.
  8. When you are not speaking, ensure that the microphone is switch off.
  9. Do not interrupt the other interlocutor.
  10. When concluding the conference, summarize and ensure that all points of the meeting have been covered.